Quality Control


Servicing our customers provide the foundation of our success. The first critical component of your quality service system is determining the values of our customers. At ACT we are required to have verifiable quality standards that have been clearly established with that in mind. We listen to their needs and proactively seek ways to improve . This includes:

Tracking Procedures
Customer Feedback
Continuous Quality Improvement


ACT Also Participates


  • Films market 
  • Synthetic Turf 
  • Injection Molding Market 
  • Extrusion Market 
  • Automotive Fibers 

Fiber Masterbatch


The masterbatch (concentrate, dispersion) markets for the fiber industry are directly related to the amount of resin that are utilized by that industry. Polypropylene is unique in that the current volumes primarily must be colored using the masterbatch technology method. This process of coloring is called solution dying, dope dying and melt coloring.  


Technical Service


ACT’s technical systems and information technology processes are the backbone of our operations. Our technical service professionals ensure that corporate mechanisms are adequate, function properly and conform to professional standards and industry practices. We require that these representatives take ownership in the design and quality of our products to ensure that customer’s requirements are met.


Color Design


Formulation design and color matching is a process at ACT. Working as a team to develop the proper inputs for design, it is our goal to shorten the time between inception and commercialization. In order to achieve this goal we believe having trained personnel is critical component. We pride ourselves on providing the “right” product and verifying its quality whether it be a color match or additive formulation. 



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Synthetic Turf


  • Our current stabilization packages based on a true “systems approach” has doubled the life across the entire spectrum including green yarns in PA6/PP/PE This unheard of performance will take the industry to new level of performance. 

  • Our “cool colors” now have shown through independent research to achieve a 40 degree F differential versus conventional colors. 


Customer Service


ACT'S customer service group is the lifeblood of the company. These professional custodians are the link between the products we supply and the needs of the customer on a daily basis.  We spend many hours in training that includes knowledge of our products and the systems we utilize. This will ensure their ability to be helpful and courteous. This is the cornerstone of our commitment.